Fascinating features that you want to know about the lip augmentation


At present, with the help of the technology you can able to do anything that you like. Even now you have the options for you to change up your physical appearance as like you wish. The lip augmentation is becoming popular and all are crazy in utilizing the lip augmentation cosmetic surgery procedures. This treatment can be used for fullers and plumper’s lips.

There are many different types of the dermal fillers are injected up in your lips and around your mouth. Among them the common fillers that have been used today is the hyaluronic acid. That acid is made up of with the natural substance that has been found in the body. This helps for increasing up the volume of your lips.

The hyaluronic acid fillers can be used for improving up your appearance of your lips through adding up the extra shape, structure and volume. The benefits of utilizing the hyaluronic acid fillers are as follows

  • One can able to make use of it for controlling up over the lip volumes and the amount of the substance that has been injected up could be controlled up.

  • In the gradual pace treatments the injection could be gradually applied until the expected result is gained.

  • Any different types of the bumps and the lumps could be created up by the movements of the lips that could be dissolved up easily.

  • There may be less swelling up and the bruising swelling would happen when compared to the other normal type of the dermal fillers.

The procedures that have to been followed up for cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic surgery of lips would help for improving up your appearance of your lips. Most people who would like to decide up such a type of surgery which would make use of the bigger and fuller lips. Even this treatment can be done for reducing up their size or to change up the shape while so called the lip lift that would helps for improving up their appearance that is used for lifting up the upper lift.

The cosmetic surgery procedures for both the surgical and non surgical cosmetic lips are performed under the local anesthesia. But here the actual procedures and its duration for both the before and after can vary greatly.

Common cosmetic surgery procedures:

Type 1: Making use of filler injections

The lip augmentation with the fillers injection would involves up the injection in the different filler materials that have been used for enhancing up the lips that are thin. This treatment would be relatively quick as well as simple procedure for you to follow. To get the best result the injection needs to be repeated up every few month for getting the good results.

Type 2: Utilizing the dermal grafts

The dermal grafts would provide up the permanent lip that has been used for enhancement rather than being injected up to the lips.

Type 3: Vermilion advancements

It acts as other surgical lip procedures that would yields up for the permanent results. This treatment could be used for the lip enhancements for advancing up the colored lip portions. In additional to that the fuller lips from the vermilion can be used for the advancements for changing and to modify up the shape of the lips.